L’Uritonnoir Is a Pee Station That Can Give You Fresh Compost

Thursday, May 2nd 2013. | Miscellaneous

I thought everything that is secreted out of my body is of no use but I was wrong. My pee, for example – which a France-based design firm, Faltazi, prefers to call golden liquid – actually contains nitrogen that can react with natural carbon to produce fresh compost that I can sell to any gardener. For that reason, the said design studio creates L’Uritonnoir, an outdoor pee station that won’t allow any valuable nitrogen in the users’ pee to be wasted.

L'Uritonnoir urinal by Faltazi

As I told you earlier, nitrogen can only become compost if it reacts with a natural carbon. Thus, guys at Faltazi collect a huge bale of dried straws – which is obviously full of carbon – and attach some urinals on it. Users’ golden liquid will be contained right at the core of the bale and after a slow reaction process that can run in 6 to 12 months – depending on how much urine poured on it – you can harvest the compost. Call it absurd or ridiculous but for me, the concept is so ingenious.

L'Uritonnoir: the straw bale urinal that makes compost from 'liquid gold'

L’Uritonnoir is an Outdoor Urinal That Uses Pee to Turn Straw Into Compost

In case you’re wondering, L’Uritonnoir was born after Faltazi crews, who presumably like to hang out in summer festivals, realize that hay bales are often available in abundance during summer but they always get trouble finding portaloos. So, they started to shape some polypropylene sheet and attached it on a bale using a thread and began taking a whiz. If you want to, they can make the deluxe version that features stainless steel instead of plastic urinals. Now, if you excuse me, I’d like to find some gardeners that might want to buy compost from me.

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