Lytro Light Field Camera : Shoot Now and Focus Later

Thursday, October 20th 2011. | Camera & Accessories

“don’t judge the book from the cover” is a term which may be suitable for Lytro Light Field Camera, behind its design is simple, there is a capability not possessed by other conventional cameras and probably will change the way taking pictures for some people, whether amateur or professional.

Lytro Light Field Camera : Shoot Now and Focus Later

This camera will take / record an entire section of our photo so that it allows us to edit the focal point later, in contrast to the current camera, the camera can only record the part that is in the focus point. its output files were also different from the current camera is Light field picture files (. LFP) with large 22 MB for one image.

Lens with the “aperture” f / 2 and has an 8x optical zoom while in the back there is a small touch screen measuring 1.46 inch to see the photos as well to set the menu.

Check the video below to see Lytro Light Field Camera in action :

Lytro Light Field Camera is currently available for pre-order over at Lytro’s site for $ 399 with 8 GB capacity that can hold 350 pictures and for $ 499 with 16 GB capacity that can hold 750 images and it will ship in early 2012.

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