Mad Catz Show off Brand New Peripherals with GameSmart Technology

Wednesday, January 9th 2013. | Toys & Games

At this year’s CES, Mad Catz is set to unveil a series of its brand new peripherals boasting entirely fresh technology called GameSmart. In a nutshell, this innovation makes the contraptions compatible with all platforms including mobile devices. Specifically, there are four peripherals showed off during the event: M.O.U.S.9, R.A.T.M, F.R.E.Q.M, and C.T.L.R.R. Let’s deal with each of them.

Mad Catz Gamestart

Mad Catz GameSmart MOUS9Starting with the M.O.U.S.9, gamers and alike will definitely fall for its fancy design which reminds us to the animated space robot, Gundam. Featuring 6400 laser sensor, theoretically, this mouse should remain functional regardless the surface it glides on. Though it’s primarily made for gamers, M.O.U.S.9 looks quite legit for everyday use.




Mad Catz GameSmart RATMAlong with the previous mouse is R.A.T.M. Not only is it fancy and compact, it also comes with the same Bluetooth Smart technology. We do not see any palm restaccompanying this mouse but Mad Catz promised to include it in the pack one it’s up for sale.




Mad Catz GameSmart FREQM
materializes in the form of a mobile headset. Apparently, it is the only peripheral that comes with in-line cords. There are two of them: one is used to connect to your PC or Mac and the other is used to hook it up to your mobile devices. Featuring aluminum chassis, this headset is sure lightweight.




Mad Catz GameSmart CTRLRThe last one is C.T.L.R.R. It’s a gamepad mimicking the design of Xbox controller. Similar with two previous mice, it sports the company’s Smart Bluetooth technology. So, not only it’s compatible with your desktop and Mac but also your mobile devices regardless its platforms. According to Mad Catz, Two AAbatteries should keep it good for a whopping 3,500 hours. Is anyone up for one of these?

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