Make Animal Footprint With Ashiato Sandal From Kiko+

Tuesday, October 11th 2011. | Fashion & Styles

As the name suggests ‘Ashiato‘ or if translated in English means Footprints, is a traditional Japanese sandals for kids with animal footprints made from rubber on the underside. when viewed from above, this sandals like usual traditional Japanese sandals (geta), but try to tread down on the ground, how the outcomes? yes, there will be footprints of animals there. funny right?

Ashiato Sandals Kiko


Ashiato sandal is perfect if you’re vacationing on the beach with family and children, and I guarantee your kids will keep busy for hours with these sandals, and of course will give ample time for you to enjoy the beach with your spouse and remembering younger times.

Ashiato Sandals (Cat)Ashiato Sandals (Gecko)

Ashiato sandals from Kiko + are sold from $ 30 to $ 33 depending on the size, and is also available 5 cool animal footprints like cat, owl, gecko, monkey and Zaurus. Looks like there will be a lots of fun at the beach this summer.

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