MakerBot Unveils Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner at SXSW 2013

Tuesday, March 12th 2013. | Computer & Accessories

The annual music, film, and interactive conference widely known as South by Southwest (SXSW) does not usually feature many kinds of new hardware. This year, however, the trend has moved toward a few changes with some inventors showcasing their latest ventures. MakerBot, for example, announced its Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner which is boasted as being capable of facilitating any 3D hobbyists.

Makerbot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

For your reference, MakerBot is an old player in the 3D printing industry. Their most famous 3D printer called the Replicator 2 has drawn many eyes ever since it was unveiled. Although all MakerBot’s printers are claimed to be user and beginner friendly, the presence of a 3D scanner on your repertoire will definitely make everything come in handy.

According to the CEO, Bre Pettis, you don’t even need any CAD software or 3D modeling experience to print your first object. Simply scan the model and it’ll be converted into a digital file which is ready for printing. Although it sounds like it mainly targets beginners, Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner can also be useful for hardcore “prototypers”. Should anything breaks, you can quickly resort to it and print the object within a few minutes.

Similar to Desktop 3D Scanner, MakerBot’s Digitizer make use of cameras together with the lasers to scan the models to its minutest details. Due to its size, you can only scan small to medium objects. Anyway, further info about its availability as well as retail price isn’t very clear but you can join in the company’s mailing list to be informed immediately, should there is any update.

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