MaKey MaKey: Turns Everything to an Input Key

Tuesday, November 20th 2012. | Toys & Games

This might be the best DIY invention this year as it lets you have lots of fun from any unsuspected objects you see every day like banana, paper, or even your own hands. The kit is called MaKey MaKey and it has reason for that. Developed by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, this kit lets you turn everything into an input key. Best of all, nothing is complicated from using the kit. It only requires you to connect the circuit building on your computer via USB port and tether anything you want to the board using alligator clip.

Makey Makey: an invention kit for everyone

At the front, the MaKey MaKey provides six inputs that you can connect with anything. These inputs include four directional keys, a space bar on regular keyboard and a left click of a mouse. On the flipside, it has even more inputs for you to play with. So, you can literally make a complete keyboard using bananas but then again you will need to prepare them as many as the number of buttons in the keyboard along with a bunch of alligator clips to connect them with the board. Check the demo video below!

If you wonder how on earth it is compatible with non-conductive objects, it’s because MaKey MaKey makes use of the high resistance switching. Furthermore, all the inputs you make via your, bananas for example, are translated into an HID protocol, making any computer understand it and thus, execute it. Right now, the kit is offered in two different packaging: standard and deluxe. The standard is sold for $39 while the deluxe version is $10 more expensive (Includes: MaKey MaKey, USB Cable, 7 Alligator Clips, 6 Connector Wires, Quick Start Guide, Online Documentation, and comes in a Colorful Retail Box.). Now go get it, and be creative with stuff!

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