MAUZ Aims to Be the Ultimate Controller for All of Your Devices

Saturday, January 19th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Doesn’t it irritate you that the more you load your surroundings with computers, media center and typical stuff, the more you’re bothered for controlling them? Aren’t they supposed to give you a hand to get your job done faster? If you have been feeling the same, you may want to check out MAUZ, a smartphone add-on that can convert your iPhone to be an ultimate controller for all your computing devices.

MAUZ : One Device to Rule them All

Mauz - Turn Your iPhone into an Optical Mouse and Gesture Enabled Pointing Device by Gilad Meiri

Immediately after you stick MAUZ to your iPhone, the corresponding app will pop up (provided that you’ve installed it) and turn your handset into a virtual touchpad. Since the markets are already full with such controllers, the dev team takes MAUZ a little bit further by giving support for motion and visual gesture controls. Now, it sure is rocking! Can you picture how fun it is to play Fruit Ninja on the big screen and you can slash all the flying fruits by swaying around your MAUZ-enabled iPhone like real ninja? Check out how the team pitches for it in the video below!

Even though MAUZ can be a lot of fun for gaming purposes, this thing isn’t all about that. The creator, Spicebox led by Gilad Meiri, wishes that it can help you deal with so many computing devices around you. By the way, the working prototype has actually been used by lots of parties. If you notice it, many company representatives at CES 2013 have their iPhone stuck with MAUZ. Now if you think it deserves your ownership, you can preorder it at Kickstarter for the price of $45. One last words before we leave, it’s currently compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 only.

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