MechBass Is an Ugly Robot that Looks Cool with Advanced Bass Guitar Skill

Friday, November 30th 2012. | Robot

If you’re here looking to find out how MechBass really looks like, don’t expect to see an awesome figure of a robot. This mech is plain ugly. But don’t ever question its bass guitar skill because this thing can make the desperately difficult bass line of Hysteria by Muse looks like a piece of cake.

MechBass Robotic Bass Guitar by James McVay

It is James McVay, the guy behind the development of MechBass. He designed it to fulfill one of his big project assignments at his college, the Victoria University of Wellington situated in New Zealand. Using up to four guitar picks, the musical robot made no faulty key at all throughout the song. Check out the video below!

Some dudes call this thing lame because it does not play the bass using slap bass technique like the original player, Christopher Wolstenholme. But that’s nothing compared to how nimble it is. Besides, this thing has got no fingers, so that’s just ridiculous to expect it to be able to play in slap bass style.

By the way, most of the parts of the MechBass were made in Solidworks using their special 3D Printer. However, the control board is custom made. All the system needs at least 750 watt from three discrete power supplies to run properly.

Also, based on the information we acquire, all of the pickup is supported with optical mechanism instead of magnetic one. This is because the electromagnetic noise from the actuators imposes risk to spoil everything. Lastly, no matter how bad you want it, you won’t be able to own it simply because McVay does not sell it.

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