Meet the Quadski Amphibious ATV, Toy of the Wealthy

Saturday, October 27th 2012. | Transportation

What will only happen when a team of mad engineers grouped under the name of Gibbs Sports make their move is a birth of some whacky vehicle. In that regards, we’d like you to meet Quadski, the first amphibious ATV. Previously, Gibbs Sports has also stunned a lot of people by producing the first non-military amphibious car called Aquada. Though Aquada stole a great deal of attention, it failed to gain the love of the watchers due to some safety issues.

Gibbs Quadski ATV

But let’s put Aquada and the miserable story aside because Quadski is going to cheer and thrill everyone to the top. In a glance, the ATV looks a lot bigger than regular ATVs are but that’s a good thing as for ATV, the bigger the profile is, the more aggressive it looks. It can do all basic things every ATV can when they’re racing over the bumpy and muddy road. Gibbs Sports claim that its top speed on the land can reach 45mph, not bad.

Gibbs Sports Quadski Turned into a jet ski

The whole ATV’s mechanism is shifted to represent that found on jetski as soon as it plunges into the water. Four of the tires are flipped upward and the brakes will not work any longer. On the water, Quadski can move up to 45mph, even its predecessor, the Aquada couldn’t do that. According to the manufacturer, Quadski will be available starting from November. The distribution will be primarily concentrated in New York, Florida, Boston, Texas, and Great lakes. As for the price, one unit of this vehicle can cost you $40,000. What do you say about it?

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