Meet the Sensei, a Pair of Transformable Chairs

Friday, February 1st 2013. | Furniture

As living space is getting more expensive due to the population overgrowth, there seems to be a high demand in the market for furniture that serves dual purposes. The most recent example of such furniture would be Sensei, the latest creation of Uruguayan designer named Claudio Sibille. Basically, Sensei is a set of chairs that can be turned into a medium sized coffee table when combined.

Sensei by Claudio Sibille

Painted in black and white, both chairs resemble the famous symbol of Yin and Yang when they’re combined together to make up a table. For your information, Yin and Yang is a Chinese philosophy that signifies the importance of balance in every aspect of our life. This should bring a nice atmosphere to any modern living room.

Sensei Chair by Claudio-Sibille

However, that’s not where Sensei comes from. Upon designing these chairs, Sibille didn’t think anything about relating it to the concept of Chinese natural dualities. He was only making some abstract geometrical scratches in AutoCAD which he then imagined as the top of a table formed by a pair of chairs. Now that many people have related it to Yin and Yang, it should be an advantage when he finally decides to make it commercially available.

Sensei Transformable Chairs by Claudio Sibille

When used as chairs, Sensei is 30-inch tall and 20-inch wide. However, it becomes twice as long when turned into a coffee table with the diagonal measuring in at 46-inch. The images you see above are not rendering. Sibille has made a couple of real prototypes but he still hasn’t confirmed it yet when he’s going to make it available for public.

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