Meet the Treadwall, Think of It as Vertical Treadmill

Monday, October 15th 2012. | Sports

Treadwall is one of the latest innovations in sports department expected to provide more exercise variations and fun for those who are not very motivated to work out. The way it works is almost similar to one of treadmill, except the fact that it is installed vertically, representing a vertical treadmill. Featuring a number of points to hold on, this can be a great alternative for those who are interested to wall climbing but are afraid of heights and don’t want to be bothered with its technical requirement.

Treadwall - Vertical Treadmill

Indeed, you can call it as indoor climbing wall as it can fit in a particular space under your roof, though we have to admit that it’s a bit bulky. Treadwall is made as a dynamic sport tool, meaning users can configure it the way they want. This is especially with the points’ configuration. If you’re new to wall climbing, you will want to attach as many points as possible to the wall so that it won’t be too difficult for you to hold on.The next thing from treadwall that you can set up is the tilting angle. The more you make it tilt, the tougher it is to hold on to it.

Wall climbing is categorized as an extreme sport which only adults do, but thanks to treadwall, the sport looks more appealing and more fun to anyone regardless their age. The highest treadwall is only at 8 feet high. Anyone is interested? Well, if you are, you have to wait a little longer because until this time, the manufacturer still has not set a fixed price for this slick tool.

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