Meet the X1 Robotic Exoskeletons, NASA’s most Stylish Invention

Monday, October 15th 2012. | Robot

Recently, a rumor about NASA’s latest invention called X1 Robotic Exoskeletons spread, arousing curiosity in all corners. The said device is actually in the developing stage and it is not ready for use at the moment. But the biggest space research organization has released a number of photographs showcasing the Exoskeletons in action.

Xi Robotic Exoskeletion

Designed to appear as a pair of robotic pants, X1 Robotic Exoskeletons could be NASA’s most stylish invention. Regardless, these pants are pretty heavy. At 57 pounds, anyone will be having a hard time to move around with these machine-powered trousers. NASA does not intend it to be regular trousers, by the way.

Aiming to provide reinforcement for astronauts against weightless environment in the space, NASA develops these exoskeletons. As you probably know, weightlessness can lead to acute muscle atrophy that can cause astronauts’ motoric organ not function properly once they arrive back on earth. With these exoskeletons, NASA expect that the impact of extended bouts in the space can be reduced to minimum.

Sporting four primary motorized joints each of which is located at the knees and hips, astronauts will not struggle much to walk forward. These are assisted by other six joints which are spread throughout the legs. Unlike the first four joints, these six joints are rather passive. They exist to help astronauts gain more freedom to move around. According to NASA, they aim to make more joints so that movement restrictions for the astronauts can be reduced to minimum.

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