Melon Headband Claimed to Help You Refine Your Focus

Saturday, May 25th 2013. | Medical

There are times when I find it really difficult to get our head straight and channel my attention to my main priorities. If that happens to you as well, you probably want to check out this headband called Melon. Experts agree that should everyone know how their brain is doing and what it actually needs, they’ll be able to control their mind as their will. And that’s exactly what Melon helps you find out.

Melon Headband EEG Mental Focus

The melon headband has been live at Kickstarter for a few days now and though its funding goal has been achieved, the maker aims to double it so that they can squeeze in an accelerometer to the gear. Check it out on the video below!

The technology that underpins Melon is often referred to as electroencephalography (EEG). Essentially, the device tracks your brainwaves and through particular algorithms, the data is used to provide a personalized feedback for you. It is then up to you whether you want to take it in or leave it like what you commonly do to your grandma’s advice.

To do that, Melon is equipped with three electrodes and NeuroSky. The latter is necessary for filtering any background noise, so the data won’t be mixed. The said algorithms are transformed into an iOS app and Bluetooth is used to send the data. If you use Android device, you will probably have to wait for the second stage manufacturing. Other than that, you can get it for a pledge of $99. Not cheap indeed, but if you can increase your productivity with better focus, that price should be easily forgiven.

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