Mercier Jones Hovercraft Looks like a Floating Bugatti Veyron

Friday, January 4th 2013. | Transportation

Ever since it was invented, hovercraft has never made any radical jump from its utilitarian design. This water vehicle is still as basic as it was when publicized for the first time. Not to say that the large fan on its back is often clamped with nasty rust due to continuous exposure to water and the engine is so loud it can leave you deaf after a few hours of ride. That is what has prompted Mercier Jones to design a luxurious hovercraft which suits more as Batman’s epic ride.

Mercier Jones Hovercraft

Its overall design looks like a blend of most luxurious cars ever manufactured. Think of the extremely pricey Bugatti Veyron, the sexy Lamborghini, and the elegant Audi R8. Even though it sounds absurd, the end result seems quite promising. Instead of appearing like the freaky Frankenstein, Mercier Jones Hovercraft looks harmoniously luxurious. Check it out on the video below!

More than just appealing look, however, Mercier Jones Hovercraft also packs a totally brand new control system which the team claims to be as easy as that of cars. Ask anyone who has gotten their hands on a hovercraft, they’ll certainly say it’s frustrating just to move it around. Yet, this bad guy can even reverse easily. Most importantly, the engine is different from that of conventional hovercraft, so you won’t walk away with dysfunctional hearing after having some ride.

Right now, Mercier and Jones are gathering fund to manufacture their hovercraft. The pre-order price offered is a whopping sum of $20,000. Still, if you just want how it feels to drive the most expensive hovercraft on the planet, the team will welcome you for a pledge of $80. How do you like that?

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