MetAir Portable Power System Wants You to Stay Out of the Dark for Good

Thursday, January 3rd 2013. | Gadgets

Do you still remember how Hurricane Sandy almost completely paralyzed us? We ran into lives where electricity is nearly nonexistent; and that spells no TV shows, no games, no fun, only more boredom. In such situations, emergency power becomes of high necessity. Rechargeable solar-powered batteries can be an alternative but in Kevin Maloney’s opinion, they’re not good enough. Thus, he along with his team creates MetAir Portable power system.

MetAir Solstice Portable Power System With USB Charging Ports

Featuring up to five cells of zinc-air battery, it can provide you with an enormous electric capacity of 55.000mAh. That equals to 115 D cell batteries and should be good for 20 charges for your iPhone or 5 charges for your iPad. More than just an emergency power source, the MetAir Portable power system also sports LED room lights. If you haven’t used it to recharge your devices, a single cartridge should give you 72 hours lighting. Watch Maloney explains his stuff on the video below!

Surprisingly, the team behind MetAir Portable power system doesn’t give discount or whatsoever to those who are willing to submit their pledge for it at Kickstarter. You still have to pay $99 to get a unit of this thing. The team does provide a number of deluxe packages but you have to pay more to get one of these. As for the cartridge, Maloney sells it for $49 per unit at his official website.

MetAir Portable power system

We don’t know about you, but we think solar chargers are more beneficial than this guy. Sure, they might not work optimally in cloudy days but some developers are attempting to increase their efficiency to the extent where it could harvest energy even when the sun is concealed behind the heavy rain clouds, like this WakaWaka Power.

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