MeterPlug Keeps Tabs on Electricity Consumption, Helps You Be More Efficient

Tuesday, December 18th 2012. | Household

Promising that you can be much more efficient in consuming electricity is a newly launched device at Indiegogo, the MeterPlug. Basically, it is a regular plastic dongle modified to quite an extent so that it can thoroughly monitor how much your devices and appliances eat up the electricity. You plug it in between a wall plug and your device. That said, you will need many of this thing if you’re curious what appliance under your roof has the most potential to dry up your wallet.

Meterplug worldwide plug

Coming with Bluetooth, it can deliver real time report to your smartphone via the respective app. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, apparently, it also enables you to neatly control your appliances aside from monitoring the electricity bill. Specifically, there are three ways you can choose with ease to do just that: Manual On/Off, Proximity Control, and Vampire Power Shield. Check the brief video below out!

The first option allows you to switch your devices on and off right from the app. Of course, your presence is required within 100 feet. The second option does exactly like the first one, only in automation. Your devices are turned on as you get closer and off as you’re walking away. The latter will completely terminate any electrical current that runs on any of your appliances which are on standby mode.

Meterplug iphone live

Meterplug iphone device

In need of $70,000 to mass produce MeterPlug, it seems like a long way for the developer to reach it. Currently total amount pledged by the fans is $14,000. Still, if you’d like to help and experience it on your own, you can preorder it for $45 which is $15 cheaper than the expected retail price.

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