Micro Luggage Turns into a Mini Scooter so You Can Ride on It

Saturday, December 8th 2012. | Fashion & Styles

From the frozen land of Switzerland comes very exciting news for you travelers that may eventually give you sweet warmth on the chilled spine. A company named Micro Mobility recently touted its latest work which materializes itself in the form of luggage that you can ride on. Dubbed as Micro Luggage, it features a micro scooter that is powerful enough to carry your weight.

Micro Luggage Scooter

To set on the scooter mode, you need to fold the kickboard deck which is integrated with the luggage itself. Next, pull on the adjustable handle bar to a height with which you feel comfortable. Now you can ride on it without worrying about the wheels leaving scratches on the airport floor as it’s made of hard rubber. Keep in mind that the handle bar is made to be static not pivotal, so if you want to turn, you need to lean toward a direction on which you want to go. Check it out in action below!

According to the company, the maximum weight Micro Luggage can carry is 100kg which is surprising because of its mini size. Inside are regular space in which you store your clothes in addition to three distinctive compartments meant to house your business materials. You can carry your folder, laptop, and a bundle of business cards.

Micro Luggage

If you bring this with you on the airport, chance is either people are jealous with you or the security will stop you for thinking that you ride a moving vehicle in a public place. It sells for $249.99 and if you don’t think you like it, you may want to check Hop Suitcase that features robotic functionality.

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