MicroZap Technology Makes Your Bread Edible for… 60 Days!

Friday, December 7th 2012. | Food & Beverage

How do you like to eat bread that is two months old? Unless you’re some weird show performer who seem to have to lose his mind, we’re sure your answer is “heck, no!” But what if the bread has undergone a particular process in which MicroZap technology is implemented and the bread can be kept fresh even after two months?

MicroZap Technology

Indeed, even though it’s still quite premature, MicroZap believes that their latest technology can change the way how we preserve food, especially bread. Using an appliance that acts like a microwave, researchers at MicroZap are sure that all the microorganisms that cause the loaf to mold away can be eliminated. Once it’s free of any mold spores, its freshness can be prolonged approximately up to two months.

Did you know that regular bread usually develops mold after about 10 days? So, if this can actually go through, you won’t need to worry about stocking lots of bread on your pantry. Furthermore, with such technology, MicroZap also aims to aid manufacturers by avoiding using preservatives and other nasty chemicals which are not only good for your health but also can make the bread taste strange.

According to a report published by Natural Resources Defense Council, Citizens of United States allow 40% of the food they buy every year to waste. It somehow makes a sad irony that while some parts of the world struggle to get decent foods to eat, we, here, just like to dump our food. We’re crossing our fingers now and expect that MicroZap technology will eventually be used in a commercial appliance. What about you, guys?

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