MiiPC Is a Lightweight PC for Kids, Remotely Controllable Via Smartphone

Friday, March 29th 2013. | Computer & Accessories, Mobile Phones

The world is full of potential knowledge waiting for curious kids to discover. Access to internet can help them learn about this knowledge faster and for that reason, it has to be given to children. However, such an idea has its own issue to take into account. By giving kids access to internet, we not only open the gate to the limitless series of amazing things but also things which aren’t supposed to be consumed by them. Recent Kickstarter project called MiiPC is claimed to provide a solution for this.

MiiPC : The World's First Family Android PC

In a nutshell, MiiPC is a small PC powered by Android which somehow reminds me to the pioneer of portable Android console, OUYA. Despite is diminutive size, it allows users to browse the net as well as Android app market. Not to say that it’s also preinstalled with a suite of office programs and have support for HD video streaming. But more than those, MiiPC is loaded with flexible control features.

MiiPC : kid-safe Android PC

For starter, the accompanying smartphone app enables parents to monitor it in real time. Should their kids run across a website which isn’t very appropriate for them, they can block it immediately. Should their kids spend too much time for game, they can disable it until the school stuff is finished. Should there are more than one kid on different ages under the same roof, parents can set up different permissions for each of the children. It’s live at Kickstarterand the pitch video show below!

Early bird price starts at $100. You will get a mini PC featuring 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of internal memory. If that sounds appealing, rush out to Kickstarter because good deal doesn’t last for long.

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