MiMix Allows You to Blend Your Food Ingredients on the Go

Wednesday, February 13th 2013. | Food & Beverage, Outdoors

Going out for a camping in the wild means leaving the comfort of your home where you have access to any appliances to help you get the jobs done. It’s not really an issue for me but for some people, this is more than a common concern. Some designers have come up with solutions either in the form of portable appliances or something that can help you carry lots of stuff in one shot like Grub Hub. However, if it is portable blender that you are looking for, here is MiMix for ya!

Mimix portable blender


Don’t ask me what the name MiMix stands for coz’ I have no idea about it but the device itself is a small blender that runs on the power of a rechargeable battery. You heard it right; this thing does not need any wall socket to function. You just need to turn it on to use it. Should the battery power run out, you can easily charge it via the USB port on the base unit. The designers – Jin Won Heo and Da Som Kim – boast that the design is inspired by the form factor of bamboo but I don’t think it’s quite representative.

Mimix portable blender by Jin Won Heo and Da Som Kim

Given that MiMix is not larger than a regular mug, you can easily snatch it along when you’re about to go for a camping. Also, if for any crazy reason you want to cook, I mean, to blend some food when you’re working on the office, this thing should help you do that.

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