Mine Kafon Is Gigantic Tumbleweed Made to Clear Landmines

Tuesday, November 27th 2012. | Miscellaneous

Compared to most of the things we’ve ever shared here, Mine Kafon is a little bit different. In a glance, it looks just like gigantic tumbleweed that won’t likely give you any fun. Indeed, it is not made for you to play with. Rather, it is developed for great humanity mission that is to save people from accidentally step onto landmines.

Mine Kafon by Massoud Hassani

It is Massoud Hassani who masterminds the creation of Mine Kafon. He was born as a native kid in Iraq whose land is, as you probably know, planted with thousands of deathly landmines. He managed to finish his study in one design academy in the Netherland in four years. Packing enough knowledge, he decided to go back to his hometown and see if his skill and competence as a designer can be helpful for his old friends. Watch the video below to know more about what urged him to design the dummy deminer.

And he did it! Mine Kafon is successfully brought into surface and he is now looking for donations to mass produce this lives savior. Compared to current method to clear away a landmine, Mine Kafon is a lot cheaper and way more effective. Mind you, it needs at least $1200 to clear a single landmine but you only need around 40 euro to make a unit of Mine Kafon.

It’s made of bamboo with “shoes” material largely consists of degradable plastic. It moves using the power of the wind just like normal tumbleweed. The weight it packs is heavy enough to detonate a landmine and blow it off, Apparently, Hassani’s Mine Kafon is quite tough as it can only be rendered totally useless after getting 3 huge blows from active landmines. It’s GPS-enabled too, so you can actually monitor where it goes. Now if you feel any sympathy, check out his website to donate some of your cash for the sake of kids’ lives in his hometown.

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