Minuum Promises Faster and More Precise Mobile Typing

Thursday, March 21st 2013. | Mobile Phones, Softwares

Typing on mobile devices was never easy. Worse, so far, the attempts made by third party developers to ease our pain – such as Slice Keyboard – turn out to make it even more confusing for us. Minuum, however, seems like a solid solution for all. If its velocity to raise funds at Indiegogo is any indication, you’d better know that it manages to collect $20,000 in just one day.

Minuum virtual QWERTY keyboard

Unlike common on-screen keyboards, all the alphabet keys are presented in a single row, which is nice. Now you don’t have to see half of your screen covered with a layout of virtual keys. Alternative characters – numbers and punctuations – can be accessed by holding on a particular key. This will trigger some leveled hidden layouts. Moreover, as you type, the app will make some predictions dealing with words you want to pull together. Its auto-correction algorithms are said to be smart enough to provide you with precise predictions. Check it out in action on the video below!

Inserting a space can be done by swiping your finger to right. Swiping on the opposite means you delete a character. These are not fixed, though, since users are allowed to set up different commands on its settings menu. A little pledge of $5 will grant you access to the Minuum beta which is scheduled to release in June for Android users only.

If you use iOS devices, you have to wait until 2014 when the iOS SDK of the app is set to launch. From there, it’s expected that app developers will grab it and integrate a support for Minuum. Suck, eh? Well, you can’t blame its developer because Apple doesn’t allow any third party companies to replace its native virtual keyboard entirely. Let me know what you say about it on comment section below!

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