Miso Soup Dispenser Serves You Instant Snack on Busy Office Hours

Friday, February 22nd 2013. | Food & Beverage

Apparently, people in Japan are developing somewhat boredom towards conventional water cooler as a company called Marukome believes that their new Miso Soup Dispenser is going to succeed in the market. For your reference, the aforementioned company is a renowned miso soup maker in Japan. So, at least you know that the thing it serves will not taste too funny for your tongue.

Miso Soup Dispenser

This Miso Soup Dispenser is aimed at some small restaurants or cafeterias that are good in business but don’t want to add some more workers. So, the next time you visit Japan and happen to enjoy a miso soup from one of these places, your dish won’t likely contain any love from the maker. All is because it’s made of this cold, I mean, hot steel construction.

Marukome also expects that their Miso Soup Dispenser will also be used to replace common water cooler in most offices. According to the company, this machine can serve 50 to 100 bowls of instant miso soup every day. On top of that, users are allowed to pick one out of eight different tastes, so they will not be bored, again.

As for ease of use, Marukome’s Miso Soup Dispenser can be run with a tip of a finger. Assuming that it has been loaded with miso soup pouches, all you need to do is push the little button on its front and a hot liquid snack will be poured down from the extrude in no time. Pricing detail isn’t enclosed but the company seems to offer a rental option for any parties who don’t want to make a purchase of this machine.

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