MJ v01 MIDI Controller Jacket Squeezes Lots of Hidden Sensors

Monday, January 28th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Not everyone wants to and can be an electronic artist due to its technical requirement. However, if there is a device that can make beats arrangement so much fun like the new MJ v01 MIDI Controller jacket, all of you might want to try your luck and experiment with stuff. Designed by Machina, MJ v01 MIDI Controller jacket is capable of controlling various digital music instruments and computing devices alike through its multiple built-in sensors.

MJ-v01 MIDI Controller Jacket by Machina

Simply put, when your DJ wears this MJ v01 MIDI Controller jacket, you will hardly see him mess up with his usual digital music instruments. Instead, he just needs to move his arm up and down or shake his body like crazy and the tunes will come up and drag you down to the dance floor. How cool is that? The video below shows the dev team walks over their invention.

Specifically, there are four different controllers and sensors, concealed behind the stylish looking jacket of Machina.First off, there are three flexible touch sensors on the front pocket which can act as synthesizer. Next, an accelerometer is hidden the end of one of the sleeves. It enables you to create a tune at different tempo simply by moving your arms in different speed. On the other end of the other sleeve, it sports a joystick along with four directional buttons.

MJ-v01 MIDI Controller Jacket

Given that it’s an electronic device, the MJ v01 MIDI Controller jacket does need a power supply. So, when you’re done experimenting with different gestures and body movement, make sure you recharge it using a USB charger. The Project is now live at Kickstarter and you can place your order for a pledge of $285. So, how do you like becoming a cool digital artist?

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