Mocoro Is a Soft-Covered Dirt Collector Bot from Japan

Thursday, February 28th 2013. | Household

In summer, the weather can get pretty dry that debris and dust and can be easily blown away. This sometimes causes to much problem for your regular vacuum to handle. You’re going to need Mocoro in order to keep your living space clean without having to push your back every so often.

Mocoro : Vacuum Cleaner Fur Ball Robot

Mocoro is the brainchild of yet another fancy designer from Japan. Unlike robotic vacuum cleaners made by Samsung and LG, it ships with a cuddly eye-catching fur cover which can hook up any tiny dirt particles clinging on your floor. For all young ladies who are too busy to take a good care of their house, this little robot is certainly appealing, even when its functionality is inferior to the said two droid.

Still, there is one feature that you’ll hardly be able to refuse. It’s the integrated timer that allows you to set Mocoro run every 15 minutes all but in automation. Once it goes alive, this robotic fur ball will roll all over the space, saving you from the painful backache for having to crouch to clean the space underneath your sofa. Not to say that it can be a free entertainment for your dog and cat.

Along with the fur cover is a special brush designed to clean it from the collected dirt. Once you have completely shaken off the dirt, you can rinse the mop and dry it for later use. Three AA batteries are necessary to keep it functional for up to three hours. You can purchase Mocoro at Japan Trend Shop but it seems it’s sold out at the moment.

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