Moedls Is the Cheapest 3D Scanner on the Planet

Monday, March 25th 2013. | Mobile Phones, Softwares

3D printing has become more and more affordable to anyone during recent days. The printers which used to be an exclusive property of enterprise companies now have come to a desktop-friendly size and with a considerably inexpensive cost. Likewise, the scanners meant to help hobbyists with the modeling have also been reduced to a size of desktop monitor. Even better, now you can get your smartphone to act like one. An app called Moedls recently showed up at Kickstarter, promising a 3D scanner that you can grab anytime.

Moedls Mobile 3D Laser Scanner

The project was started when John Fehr, the creator, was asked to scan his daughter’s art sculptures. Realizing that there is nothing in the market like mobile 3D scanner, he decides to make Moedls a commercial product. Like usual, he needs some fund to deliver it for the masses.

And apparently, despite being an app, Moedls is quite pricey. At $299, it can easily become the most expensive app on the planet. However, compared to its desktop counterparts, like Digitizer and Desktop 3D Scanner, that cost is still a steal. Not to say that it has also included some accompanying tools namely the rotating platform and the laser. Check out Fehr’s pitch on the video below!

The laser is comes with an external 2-AA battery which plugs in to the 2.1mm jack and is equipped with an on/off switch. Fehr says that, to make the most of the app, two lasers (green and light) are necessary but if you’re on a budget only one is enough. Anyway, in case you’re doubtful with its quality, you might need to know that Moedls is the “Insert Coin” contest semifinalist held by Engadget.

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