Moneual Smart Care System Made to Help the Deaf

Saturday, February 16th 2013. | Gadgets

Even though it doesn’t seem to be quite happening today but we can see that smartwatch steadily grows into a trend. However, if you look at it a little bit closer, these smartwatches are not actually smart – unless you think that getting some simple jobs done like checking out phones notification is smart. Moneual Smart Care System actually falls into this category but compared to the competition, I think this smartwatch got some quite intelligence under its hood.

Moneual Smart Care System

Built primarily to help people with impaired hearing, Moneual Smart Care System is smart enough to be capable of identifying various kinds of sounds. The idea is it can help the deaf to get a better hold of the current situation by alerting via notification on the display. Believe me, noticing that there is a huge truck blowing off its horn at the back is difficult for our unfortunate buddies. So, I can assume that it’s going to be very much welcome. Check out the introductory video below, but don’t expect to understand much.

Basically, its functionality is divided into three modes: indoor, outdoor, and emergency. When in indoor mode, Moneual Smart Care System can help identify sounds that come from a ringing doorbell, a crying baby, and a tooting smoke alarm. When in outdoor mode, on the other hand, the watch will help the wearer be more aware of car horns. Finally, emergency mode will enable it to dial 911 to give the wearer immediate assistance.

Moneual Smart Care System was first unveiled at CES 2013. Unfortunately, until today, there are no cues about when it’s going to release and how much it’ll set your back.

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