Monkey Kit Holds Your iPad like Monkey Tail Does While Adding Extra Flexibility

Tuesday, February 5th 2013. | Mobile Phones

This is another iPad accessory that is not essentially needed but can add a lot more convenience to how you commonly hold your expensive slate. Dubbed as Monkey Kit, the design is inspired by the strength and flexibility of a monkey tail. Probably, this is what my teacher means by “nature can teach you a lesson you won’t get in any classes.” It comprises of two main units, namely the vacuum dock and a flexible stands that can be bent in whatever way that pleases you.

Monkey Kit : Flexible Tablet Positioning System

Appeared for the first time at CES 2013, Monkey Kit has been lurking at Kickstarter for a while now. Using it is a piece of cake. Simply attach your iPad to the vacuum dock and start pumping it. According to Octa, the developer, five times pumping should be enough to stick your iPad to the dock for days to come. Once it’s on that state, no matter how hard you try to shake it off, your expensive table won’t fall off. Check out the video below!

Compared to other tablet positioning systems, Monkey Kit seems to be the most minimalist yet most reliable as well. Despite being compact, the technology behind the vacuum dock is adapted directly from vacuum suction handles used by construction workers to lift heavy materials. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem any shortcut to release your device from it other than detaching the dock from the stands.

Monkey Kit : Tail Tablet Stand

Monkey Kit Features

A pledge of $80 is enough to secure one unit of Monkey Kit for you but there are other alternative offerings for you, backers. If you think it’s worth your money, you’d better rush to Kickstarter now because once it’s commercially available, the price will level up to $100 a pop.

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