Monkey Light Pro Transforms Your Bicycle Wheels into a Lively Display

Friday, May 31st 2013. | Transportation

No girls will probably give their attention to you if you ride a bicycle (the very reason why I dumped my bicycle and switch to a moga bike). But the story might turn out a little different if you have your bicycle equipped with this Monkey Light Pro. In a nutshell, it’s a set of LED bars which is mounted on your bike’s wheels and capable of displaying some catchy animations.

Monkey Light Pro - Bicycle Wheel Display System by MonkeyLectric

While it’s not the first bicycle wheel display, it’s arguably the most elaborate one. Unlike its previous creations, MonkeyLectric builds Monkey Light Pro by combining four large bars which in total have not less than 256 full-color LEDs. It allows users to display their images and animations on the entire space the wheels provide. Blended along in the configuration are an accelerometer and a set of magnetic sensors. Their main function is to keep the animations stable even if the wheel’s speed change continuously. Check out the demo below!

Quite awesome, eh? But there are a few catches you should know. First, to maintain the image stability, you have run your bike at the minimum speed of 15mph. Second, this thing ain’t cheap. To get a working unit of Monkey Light Pro, you need to shell out a pledge of $695. The cost will spike up considerably once it gets out of its Kickstarter, so if you think you need it, it’s the best time to make a preorder. Oh, by the way, you can download various animation effects from the maker’s website and control them through your handset. Anyone’s in?

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