Morph Wheels Can Be Folded to Save Space

Monday, April 15th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Have you ever wondered how challenging it is to travel around if you’re a disabled person living on a wheelchair? Not only are you left with limited mobility but also an awkward wheelchair to pack. To help ease the pain of our unfortunate friends, Vitamins Designed creates special foldable wheels for wheelchair called Morph Wheels.

Morph Wheels

Originally gestated for use with foldable bicycles, the team of designers received a good deal of feedback from many disabled people to port the concept into wheelchair wheel, instead. Seeing bigger potential, Vitamins Designed finally agreed to team up with a US-based manufacturing company called Maddak to mass produce Morph Wheels for the handicapped community.

Morph Wheels : Foldable Wheels

As interesting as the concept, Morph Wheels fold in almost half of its overall size. Specifically, they take a space worth 22 liters when fully expanded but as they are folded into a more vertical form factor, the space they need is only 12 liters. Composed of nylon glass, solid tire and a hand rim made of polypropylene, each Morph Wheel weighs in at 7.5 pounds. With those specs, the company claims that it can handle a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds.

In terms of compatibility, Morph Wheels can be paired with any wheelchair designed for wheels with quick release shaft. Moreover, similar to many foldable constructions, there is one particular feature that prevents it from folding on itself. In other words, only users can trigger the foldable mechanism. Each pair of Morph Wheels  costs $950 and you can head over to Maddak respective website to make your purchase.

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