MOSS (Micro Office Systems Space) – Work from Home Redefined

Saturday, January 12th 2013. | Architecture

Until now, home office seems to be the only privilege of those who receive a pretty high paycheck. However, if you can convince your boss that MOSS (Micro Office Systems Space) can boost your productivity, you may eventually feel the convenience of working from home. Designed by Victor Vetterlein, MOSS appears as a preassembled home office that can be installed on your backyard and an unoccupied area next to your garage.

MOSS Prefabricated Office by Victor Vetterlein

If you want to look more intriguing, you can ask Vetterlein’s team to install it on your roof. Available for purchase and rent, Vetterlein wishes that more and more people can work from home, thus we can reduce the intense traffic jam due to daily commuter and carbon dioxide emission.

MOSS (Micro Office Systems Space) Prefabricated Office by Victor Vetterlein

In terms of design, MOSS goes with modern minimalistic style which resembles an octogonal shape measuring not more than 13 feet. The construction materials are boasted to be capable of withstanding unfriendly natural force. Starting from laminated tree farm wood, premium insulated panels, up to top grade aluminum composite panels, all of the components should guarantee that you can work conveniently and not affected by the weather.

MOSS Solar and Wind Powered Prefabricated Office by Victor Vetterlein

To overcome the chilling winter, MOSS is equipped with underfloor heating system supported by indoor wood-fired stove. In order to promote greener lives, the modular home office sports a number of solar panels on the roof as well as wind turbine to generate electricity. In addition, the unit also comes with an optional additional space which acts as kitchen and toilet.

We don’t know about you, but if we think our boss is financially strong, we’ll consider suggesting him to get MOSS for all of his employees with a promise that he’ll see an increase in the productivity.

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