MouthStick Stylus Allows the Disable to Use Tablet More Easily

Tuesday, March 5th 2013. | Mobile Phones

For normal people like us, navigating on a touch screen device can’t be easier but for those who are disabled, this can be a quite great challenge. The damage on their central nervous system prevents them from moving and using their motoric organ with ease. To facilitate such tablet users, a famed iPad accessory maker, Griffin, has designed a stylus called MouthStick.

Mouthstick Stylus by Griffin Technology

Optimized for disabled user, MouthStick Stylus is meant to be a replacement for the impaired limbs. It appears as a long stick with a curved part near its end that must be held in the mouth. While it sounds very impractical for us, it does enable such users to quickly navigate on their tablet by simply moving their head. Flipping throughpages or tapping on certain icons will become less tedious chore.

Mouthstick Stylus

Since it’s designed ergonomically, there is no reason for these users to not be able to use it to type on physical keyboard as well. Of course, there is a considerable learning curve that they have get through before they can be fluent. Furthermore, according to Griffin, their MouthStick Stylus is also compatible with Apple Magic Trackpad.

The body of tis MouthStick is mostly constructed out of aluminum which is not only lightweight but also adjustable. Users can ask their relatives to set up the curve to promote better user experience. Its end is layered with a conductive silicone rubber to prevent it from scratching the precious retina display. In addition, the part that is supposed to be held in mouth is made of stainless steel but it’s covered with latex-free silicone rubber so that it won’t impose harmful impact to the teeth. MouthStick Stylus is set to launch on Q2 and will sell for $29.99.

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