Moveo Is an Electric Scooter That Can Be Folded

Tuesday, February 12th 2013. | Transportation

Foldable electric scooter is certainly not something new. However, if it is foldable electric scooter that sports a comfy seat along with much reliable chassis that you want, then here is the new deal, Moveo. Designed by Antro, a nonprofit organization based on Hungary, the scooter can literally be folded into what is slightly larger than a travel suitcase.

The MOVEO : Folding Electric Scooter

Given that it sports a full-fledged chassis, it might become your concern how hefty this thing if you tow it around. Well, listen up. Moveo’s body is entirely made of carbon composite and that makes it only as heavy as 55 pounds. That shouldn’t be any issue for adults, I suppose. The top speed it can reach is 28mph yet the battery can only keep it up for 22 miles. According to the designers, it takes only an hour to fully juice up its battery.

Moveo : Foldable Electric Scooter by Antro

Mind you, the development of this scooter was initiated five years ago but up until now, it hasn’t been moved to mass production. The images you see above, however, are the working prototype, so I guess it just needs a few polishing in here and there. Antro expects that Moveo can be mass produced in 2014.

Moveo : Foldable Electric Scooter

Depending on the funding it will acquire, there will be either 4,000 or 15,000 units in the first manufacturing. Starting price isn’t fixed as well since it all depends on how dollars stand up to euros. However, I think in the worst possible case will not pot thing to cost more than $4,500. If you don’t like to wait, you might want to consider Xkuty, the world’s lightest scooter.

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