mPowerPad : The World’s First Multi-function Portable Solar Device

Monday, November 21st 2011. | Miscellaneous

If you are outdoor enthusiasts who frequently go camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, you definitely know it’s been a lot of devices that offer solar power technology. starting from lights that use solar power until charge the battery of your digital devices of course also use solar power. but what if there is a device that combines all of them?

mPowerPad : The World's First Multi-function Portable Solar Device

Third Wave Power, a company based in Singapore has introduced mPowerPad, the world’s first multi-function portable solar device that can power up digital devices and is equipped with essential functions for users operating away from the power grid like AM/FM/SW radio, reading light, flashlight and the most important in my opinion is… ultrasonic insect repellent. Yes, finally go camping without interruption by mosquitoes while sleeping.

mPowerPad require less than 6 hours in the sun for a full charge, but if you can’t wait much longer or the sky is not bright, you can use the AC adapter and it only takes about one hour to full charge. Other specifications of mPowerPad is having 2500mAh of battery capacity, big enough I guess if viewed from the long duration of use for reading light, flashlight, radio and insect repellant, which is 20 hours for each. oh yeah, one more thing you need to know is, this solar power device doesn’t have a control panel such as buttons and so on, because this device uses an accelerometer. so if you want to switch to one mode to another, you just need to tilt it. check the video below for more details :

Apparently in the absence of the knob is actually made ??mPowerPad water and dust resistant which makes it very suitable for outdoor activities. According to the information we collect that mPowerpad Solar Charger will be sold for around $ 80 and will be shipped in January next year.

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