mPrinter Is So Small You’ll Forget It’s in Your Pocket

Monday, December 24th 2012. | Mobile Phones

So, here is the situation. You love cooking so much that you frequently browse for new recipes and you can’t cook without having the detailed instruction around. This is where the dilemma comes up.


Printing the recipes is nice but you’re going to waste most portion of the paper provided that the printed list of ingredients and directions is only 2-3” wide. Bringing your iPhone into the kitchen sounds good but then you know it will build up some nasty dirt on its premium screen.

So, what should you do? Simple, get the tiny mPrinter to print the small snippet of your recipes, stick it to your cabinetry and you’re all good to go. But what is mPrinter actually? It’s only one of success story from the the infamous crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Check out how the developer, Andy Muldowney, pitched his product on the video below!

Basically, mPrinter is made to provide a more efficient way of printing small snippets such as weather forecast, shopping list, coupons, and many more. Originally, Muldowney only planned to incorporate 2-inch print head but since the accumulated fund is eight times higher than what he had expected, he decided to upgrade it with 3-inch print head.

In terms of connectivity, mPrinter is available in two models: the USB-only and the USB-and-WiFi. It gets its power from the replaceable LiPo battery that you can recharge right from the device itself. Editing your snippets can be done via the developer website; it’s got a sleek WYSIWYG editor. Still, if you think you can handle JavaScript, you can print a much more design-wise snippet.

Right now, mPrinter is on production stage. We’re not sure if you can still order it but you know you can shoot a quick email to Muldowney.

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