Multifunctional mouse, LG’s LSM-100, Bring Mouse and Scanner in Your Palm.

Sunday, September 4th 2011. | Computer & Accessories

Technology is giving us an advantage in size. Electronic parts are become smaller. This phenomena is directly affect to the size of our electronic device and its accessories. One of the functional accessories is mouse. This pointing peripheral device is also getting smaller, but its basic function is limiting it shrinking approach. Then what innovation could optimize this available space inside the mouse?

LG Mouse Scanner LSM-100

LG offer an innovation for this mouse challenge. LG successfully developed a mouse with extra function as a portable scanner, they called LG’s LSM-100. This capability enable us to scan an image up to A3 paper size. The scanned image could be saved to jpg, png, even the doc file extension. This product was oficially introduced at january 2011, and planned to exhibited at IFA 2011. When you need portable scanner function along with your mouse, this product is a priority.

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