Muscle Suits by Tokyo University, Iron Man Will Be Jealous Now!

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012. | Robot

Back then at CEATEC 2012, we run into slick equipment claimed as Muscle Suits. First thing first, do not think of it as common muscle suits that only give you the look of a big guy. This one, in fact, was far from looking like a suit and probably closer to an artificial skeleton like the X1 Robotic Exoskeleton by NASA. On the flip side, however, it can give you additional strength to do some heavy lifting. Now if Iron Man saw this, he would definitely feel envious for what he has is simply non-existent.

Muscle Suits by Tokyo University, Iron Man Will Be Jealous Now!

It is Tokyo University of Science along with Kobayashi Lab which funds the development of this muscle suit. Mind you, it takes no less than 11 years before it managed to officially appear at technology exhibition like CEATEC 2012. According to the developers, they expect to see this prototype in real action next year. At that time, they will be renting this to some major companies that agree to pay high for the privilege of wearing it momentarily. So, yeah, forget your ambition to have this, unless you’re a freaking billionaire.

Muscle suits consist of a number of artificial pneumatic muscles. The developers said that it couldn’t drastically boost one’s physical strength but whatever they say, we saw a nerd dude manage to lift up to heavy sacks of dry rice quite easily. Interestingly, these artificial muscles can stretch and relax the same way like our muscles do. Watch the video below and make sure you hold your jaws, just in case it drops for amazement then tell us what you think about muscle suits by Tokyo University of Science.

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