Mycestro 3D Mouse Turns the Air into Your Trackpad

Friday, February 22nd 2013. | Computer & Accessories

For most people, navigating through their laptop or PC using common mice is sufficient. For enterprise level users, however, it’s just too old school and not practical. Leap Motion has developed a handheld sensor – whose concept is used in the making of digital instrument AirHarp – as an alternative to conventional mice. Another fancy solution is this wearable Mycestro 3D Mouse.

Mycestro : The Next Generation 3D Mouse

It is not the first wearable mice on the market, but in terms of ease of use and practicality, the Mycestro 3D Mouse renders the competition to shame. You will not be dealing with any shrunken trackpad anymore when using this. As soon as it’s clipped on your index finger, the whole air immediately becomes your trackpad. In other words, all you need is waving your finger like a wizard to move the cursor around. Nick Mastandrea decides to crowdsource the manufacturing of this peripheral and you can watch his pitch at Kickstarter in the video below.

Despite its tiny size, Mycestro 3D Mouse is equipped with three small buttons that imitate the function of right and left click. Scrolling up and down the page can be done by swiping your thumbs along these buttons. To prevent the cursor from running like a disoriented bull as you move your fingers, Mastandrea has set the mouse to activate only after you touch it with your thumb. Furthermore, you’re allowed to adjust its sensitivity. The max setting is sensitive enough to detect a slight movement of your finger.

Mycestro : The wearable 3D mouse

Battery is claimed to be good for up to eight hours before it needs recharging via the USB port. The early bird price for backers is $79 which is kind of surprising as the Leap Motion’s sensor, which I think is better, costs less than this Mycestro 3D Mouse.

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