myIDkey Will Never Let You Tap That “Forget My Password” Menu Again

Friday, February 22nd 2013. | Computer & Accessories

How many times you forget your password when you’re about to log into your account at some websites? If you have different password for each of your accounts, chance is you experience the said situation quite frequently. While most browsers today always offer an option to save your password, it’s not a wise thing to save them all especially when the accounts contain sensitive information and your PC is used by anyone other than you. You’re going to need a device like this myIDkey.

myIDkey : Passwords at the tip of your finger by Arkami Inc

It’s a Bluetooth enabled-USB drive with an integrated OLED display as well as voice-search capability and also fingerprint lock. Indeed, it sounds like too many things for such a small USB flash drive but it’s true. The developer, Arkami, Inc. has launched a campaign to raise some fund to help manufacture their myIDkey. At the time of this writing, they’re just an inch away from the goal. Tap on the video below to get to know what you will get for your pledge.

Any password information can be stored within myIDkey including your bank account. It unlocks using biometric authentication, meaning you only need to swipe your thumb on the screen. Once activated, you can take an advantage of the voice search feature to quickly get the information you need. When plugged into a USB port on your computer, it can auto-fill the necessary logging details on any websites. Bluetooth connection spells for wireless communication with your mobile devices.

myIDkey finger activate

What if it’s lost? Don’t worry pal. The myIDkey is set to delete all information saved within the drive when it notices multiple fails during authentication. So, the only way someone can hack into it is when your fingers are chopped by some maniacs. To promote syncing between devices, the developer has ready a cloud network. Feeling like getting it? You need to dish out $99 for this.

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