Myo Armband Watches Over Your Muscle Motion to Move Your Cursor

Wednesday, February 27th 2013. | Computer & Accessories, Mobile Phones

Apparently, public resentment toward wired mice or other old and awkward controllers is quite intense. As if Bluetooth-enabled mice were not enough, software giant, Microsoft, introduced the Kinect. Leap Motion came in last year with its own solution called Leap Sensor. And just a few days ago, a new Kickstarter campaign was launched, touting a tiny wearable mouse called Mycestro. Today, Thalmic Labs officially tapped into the competition with its muscle-sensor armband called Myo.

Myo Armband : Wearable Gesture Control by Thalmic Labs

Basically, it’s a modified version of any gesture-based controller. It has the capability of detecting any notable movement made by your muscle. That movement will be translated into a digital command that will enable you to navigate on your digital devices. In other words, it can understand not only your waving hand but also your snapping fingers. Check out the unofficial demo video below.

Powering Myo are a set of rechargeable batteries and an ARM processor. Connection is established via Bluetooth and it is expected to not only be compatible with Windows PC and Mac but also any mobile devices as well as game consoles. Shipment will not start before we hit the end of this year but you can preorder it for $149.

Myo Armband by Thalmic Labs

Further details about Myo are still covered with the company’s silence but even at this stage we can tell that it’s actually pretty nice. Still, I wouldn’t expect it to sell like a hot cake unless the developer team doesn’t mind pushing their back encouraging app and software developers to make apps compatible with it.

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