NanoLight Brings the Efficiency of LED Light Bulb to the Next Level

Thursday, January 17th 2013. | Household

As green living is getting more popular today, people have begun inventing new home appliances and utilities which can run on low energy. Incandescent 100W light bulb, for example, has already had its equivalents which consume 25-50% less energy. While you may think it’s a good progress, three students from University of Toronto take the efficiency to the next level. The NanoLight they have developed shines as bright as the 100W light bulb yet only requires 12% of the equivalent energy.

The NanoLight

The nanolight world's most energy efficient LED light bulb

It is Gimmy Chu, Christian Yan, and Tom Rodinger who have initiated the development of the NanoLight. This LED light bulb is boasted to bring a lot of improvements as opposed to common LED light bulb. First off, instead of enclosing the LEDs inside a glass, the team decides to bare the circuit board and make it as similar as the shape of normal light bulb. You may think it’s ugly but it does contribute to the overall functionality of the light. Not only will it keep the temperature of the bulb cool it also helps disperse the light to eight directions just like common light bulb does. Check out their video below!

Furthermore, NanoLight can cough up full brightness of 1600 lumens the moment it’s switched on. This is not the case for the recent model of LED light bulb which needs a considerable amount of warming up time. Last but not least, the team claims that the components are good for 30,000 hours before they start to wear off. There is one catch, though, that is one unit of NanoLight is sold for a handsome $50. Having known the price tag, are you still up for this?

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