NanoQ quadrocopter Unveiled, Aerial Gaming Now Turns Real!

Wednesday, November 14th 2012. | Toys & Games

Following the TechJect Dragonfly, NanoQ quadrocopter comes to offer the market an alternative of micro UAV handy for particular researches or simply a toy. Developed by QFO Labs, the NanoQ features real 3-axis gyros to keep it under control while maneuvering on the air. It is the exactly same technology used in modern copters serving social and military missions.

nanoq quadrocopter

Unlike most remote controlled helicopters, NanoQ quadrocopter features propellers which are set upside-down. Now your ceiling will not end your fun as this thing will not fall just because it flies so high it hits the roof. Furthermore, the controller can be operated single-handedly. Surprisingly, it can still be used to perform many stunning maneuvers as it houses lots of control dials. In fact, it brings about the awesome tilt sensors, allowing you to feel what it’s like to be a real copter pilot. Watch the video below!

In addition, there is an infrared laser trigger accessible using your index finger. Push it and the flying NanoQ will shoot out a laser beam onward. If you’re like us, you will definitely invite your pals in real time aerial battle using their own respective NanoQ. Of course, the infrared laser will not blow off any of your toys into pieces but it’s more fun than just sitting in front of a big screen and play your old Xbox.

Beyond, gaming capability, the NanoQ quadrocopter has the potential of becoming a handy tool for particular research. The toy can be connected to a computing device via the USB port below the controller. You can attach some sensors to the vehicle and fly it to gain the data you need. The lithium polymer battery should keep it up for 10 minutes with maximum coverage of 30 meters. For $149, we think it’s pretty much justifiable. What about you guys?

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