NASA Heli-Capsule Enables Space Explorers to Land Everywhere

Saturday, November 3rd 2012. | Miscellaneous

NASA is at it again. After they invented the exoskeleton that prevents astronauts’ muscle from being reduced in volume, now they unveil the heli-capsule. The idea is not necessarily new. In fact, it was proposed during the glorious days of Apollo but then it was stripped out of consideration due to practical and financial issue.

NASA heli-capsule

On the past, astronauts who went back home from certain mission were bound to use parachute to land. Now NASA has realized that such a thing makes landing difficult for their space explorers as they have to find lake or other “watery” spots to guarantee safe landing. Thus, they decided to reconsider the old idea of making a heli-capsule. Besides, since technology has been much improved today, it is expected that they can make the stuff far more efficiently.

Unlike common helicopters, NASA is looking to make their heli-capsule functions without any engine. This is where we love folks at NASA. They always find something sleek and uncommon even if it sounds rather impossible. According to NASA’s engineer, Les Boatright, they aim to make use of the wind to start propelling the blades. Now that is optimistic, though we honestly cannot imagine it.

At the moment, NASA’s engineers are doing their best to make the heli-capsule into fruition. It could be well quite a few years from now before we can see it in action. By that time, you should not be too surprised when someday you find a group of astronauts land in your backyard and wave their hands to hello you. Let us hear your voice guys!

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