NASA Z-1 Spacesuit Prototype Looks like Buzz Lightyear’s Halloween Costume

Thursday, December 27th 2012. | Miscellaneous

Looking at the past records, there doesn’t seem any major improvement made to NASA’s spacesuits. It’s not like NASA wasn’t interested to enhance the efficiency and endurance of its spacesuits but the fact that most manned missions to the space in the last few years only required the agency to successfully send some astronauts to an International Space Station has led NASA to self-satisfaction. Now that there is a considerable shift on the agency’s interest, they finally decide to work on upgrading their astronauts’ suit.

NASA Z-1 Spacesuit Prototype

Called the NASA Z-1, this prototype is expected to be the future spacesuits for American astronauts. Unlike its predecessor, it has some element of fun blended into the design. If you look at it a bit more carefully, you’ll be bound to remember a Disney’s animated figure infamous with his quote “To infinity and beyond!” That’s right. The NASA Z-1 Spacesuit Prototype looks a lot like Buzz Lightyear’s costume, though we doubt it has the laser beam and mechanical wings on its back.

Still, the suit does bring several major upgrades, most of which aim to improve its flexibility to adapt to some of the most unexpected conditions. NASA’s Affairs Officer, Brandi Dean, attempts to walk you through these upgrades on the video below!

Among these upgrades is the hatch at the back of the suit. It functions as a direct latch to the craft or other special vehicles which enables the astronauts to go in and out the suit without having to pass through an airlock. It’s expected that the amount of air which goes to waste can be reduced significantly. It sounds good for sure and while it looks nice, you won’t be having it for next year’s Halloween. This thing is a sole property for NASA’s astronauts.

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