nCycle Is Loaded with Sweet Extras Far More Than You Can Handle

Tuesday, January 8th 2013. | Sports, Transportation

We’ve run into some design dudes who literally snap off several most important parts of bicycles, like the creator of bicymple. We appreciate such creativity but we’re far from being impressed. Seriously, bicycle is the most basic vehicle already. So if you try to take one integral part out of it, it won’t be functionally comfortable to ride. The only thing you can do to improve the experience is loading it with truckloads of features and extras like the nCycle.

nCycle Bike with tons of extras and innovative features

nCycle innovative features : nFold

In collaboration with Marin Myftiu, Hussain Almossawi want to make a concept of e-bike which provides the riders with a lot of neat stuff yet remain functional and comfy to ride. For starter, they make a radical shift by replacing the basic tubular frame with hollow-bodied chassis which not only look stunning but also lightweight and durable enough to protect the electric components installed on its innards. The chassis is also foldable, making it easier to carry for a long weekend trip.

nCycle innovative features : Headlights and Speakers

Don’t take it the wrong way. Though nCycle packs some electricity, it still requires your lower body strength to run. The electricity is used to light up a set of headlights, holographic display and speakers mounted on the handle bar. The theft-proof locking mechanism seems legit, though we have a little doubt that it’ll never go missing.

nCycle innovative features : nPocket

Another handy feature is the nPocket. Remember when we said that the chassis is hollow? Almosawwi and Myftiu don’t want to let it go to waste, so they attach a retractable pocket on it. When not used, it can be completely concealed. That way, it won’t spoil its sleek profile. Sadly, there is no word about its availability and pricing.

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