Neato Robotics XV Signature Series Enter the War of Robot Vacuums

Friday, March 8th 2013. | Household, Robot

Apparently, many people are getting tired of using their vacuum cleaners. Well, who isn’t? They’re bulky, heavy, noisy, and ship with cords which make all your cleaning job a lot more exhausting. Not to say that they often miss dirt and debris left in the corners and edges of your room, requiring you to repeat performing the job all over again. Granted, it’s not very surprising to find a number of companies begin announcing their own robot vacuum. The latest one is Neato Robotics with its XV Signature Series.

Neato Robotics Unveils New XV Signature Robot Vacuum Cleaners

They’re not the first series of robot vacuum Neato Robotics has launched. In comparison to the previous models, the basic and pro models of XV Signature come with redesigned form factor which give it more smooth curves. According to the company, this enables the droid to creep along the edges and corners, sweeping the dirt far more effectively. Furthermore, it also looks considerably slimmer, allowing it to crawl over those typically hard-to-reach areas under the furniture. Combine those with the new high performance filters, XV Signature is said to suck in 50% more dirt compared to its predecessors.

Similar to LG’s Hom-Bot Square, XV Signature sports a laser-reinforced navigation technology to map its surroundings. From there, this mech will intelligently choose the route that allows for most effective cleaning. Multiple sensors are built into it to make it capable of evading sensitive objects in your living room.

The best feature, however,is the scheduling. It allows you to set the bot to run on itself while you’re out for work. If during cleaning session, the battery is about to be depleted, it will quickly return to its base for recharge. Oncedone, it’ll get back to where it left. How smart is that? Expect it to launch on April. The basic model will sell for $399 while its pro sibling is offered for $449. In the market, it’ll compete with Samsung Smart Tango Corner Clean, The Korean Mocoro, and iRobot’s Roomba.

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