NEC Portable DNA Analyzer Lets You Do Forensics on the Spot!

Tuesday, November 27th 2012. | Medical

In collaboration with National Research Institute of Police Science, NEC Corp is attesting their latest portable DNA Analyzer. The device was unveiled to public a few days ago and at the moment, it’s undergoing some tests for improvements. If things run well along the line, we’ll be seeing it up for mass consumption in 2014 with the price tag of $120,000.

NEC Portable DNA Analyzer

By the way, even when NEC will make its portable DNA analyzer available for anyone, we don’t think you will rush in a make a purchase. This thing will only be useful if you’re a criminals investigator or those frequently dealing with forensic stuff. Besides, it’s pretty expensive too!

It’s actually not the first DNA analyzer that is claimed to be portable by NEC. Back then in 2007, the same company also introduced a very bulky device which is supposed to be a DNA analyzer. The hype soon faded away as public quickly realized that the stuff was rather impractical. Not only was it too big to carry around but the time it takes to thoroughly analyze suspect’s DNA was quite long for advanced machine.

After almost six year of re-developing, the company managed to bring its portable DNA analyzer to the size of an office suitcase. Still, users will have to push their back a little because it weighs 30 kilograms which is awful. The new version can perform full DNA analysis, which includes extraction, amplification, and separation, in only 25 minutes. Compared to conventional method that can take up to four days, this machine is totally ground breaking. What you say on this?

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