NeoLucida Makes Realistic Drawing like a Child’s Play

Friday, May 31st 2013. | Camera & Accessories

Have you ever wondered how on earth old masters living centuries ago could draw objects with unbelievable precision? It’s super talent or God’s gift, you say? Well, I used to believe in that too until Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin talks about camera lucida. Invented by Sir William Hyde Wollaston, this tool has helped so many old masters create masterpieces whose remarkable beauty still remains to be appreciated. It works by projecting the image of the objects on to the media (paper, wall, canvas, etc.) through a special prism, hence, the artist can precisely trace his drawing.

NeoLucida: an authentic, inexpensive, portable camera lucida for the 21st century

Unfortunately, camera lucida is pretty difficult to get. The antique ones that occasionally can be found at eBay may cost more than $300 and it’s pretty much of a studio tool, meaning you can tuck it along with you anywhere you go. This is where NeoLucida comes in. Devised by Garcia and Levin, the tool retains the functionality of the prism yet offer far better portability; not to say lower price as well. Watch its Kickstarter video below!

“Why you want to deal with all the fuss of sketching if you can instantly snap a high quality image of objects using any cheap point-and-shoot camera?”True! But for art students, realistic drawing is like an essential part of life they just can’t leave. If there was an artist who couldn’t sketch objects, it would be the same with a pilot who couldn’t fly a plane. Anyway, all the backer’s options are all gone. Your only chance to get NeoLucida is by waiting until 2014 or preordering the DIY package.

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