NeroTrigger Snaps a Moment before Your Eyes Finish Blinking

Thursday, April 11th 2013. | Camera & Accessories

How do you trigger your camera shutter? Using your finger? If you still do it like how most people do it, you’ll miss lots of unspoken beauty that can only be found in an extremely brief moment such as balloon burst, bottle breakage due to drop or hit by a bullet, flash of lightning, etc. It’s practically impossible to capture the footprint of such moments, unless your finger can move at the speed of light. Luckily, some aftermarket triggers that work remotely are designed exactly for that and the latest one is NeroTrigger.


The good thing about NeroTrigger, as opposed to the competition, is that it makes use of the standard 2,5mm and 3.5mm trigger ports available in any DSLRs. So, in terms of compatibility, it arguably is the best. You need to buy different cable, though, if your camera derives from none of the popular brands such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and Sony.

NeroTrigger Ultimate Camera Trigger

There are six different modes based on which NeroTrigger works. In Lightning Mode, the trigger will run once it detects a flash of light. In Sound Mode, it’ll trigger the shutter as soon as it catches a sudden racket. In Laser Mode, your camera will snap once the trigger detects something extremely fast obstruct the laser light. HDR Mode and Time Lapse Mode are more focused to the result, instead of the action. While DIY Mode is intended only for advanced users.

In each of these modes, users are allowed to adjust their own settings dealing with sensitivity, frame count, delay, etc. As for the price, this handheld device can’t be said cheap. One unit of NeroTrigger costs $200. Are you getting this one?

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