Nestle Star Wars Coffee Machine Features Darth Vader and C-3PO

Thursday, December 6th 2012. | Food & Beverage

Recently in Japan, Nestle officially launched its brand new Star Wars Coffee Machine whose model is based on the infamous Nescafe Gold Blend coffee maker. Available in two versions, shopper can opt whether they choose to go along the dark side with its most powerful authority, Darth Vader. Or walk in the enlightened path with the wise astromech, C-3PO.

nestle star wars coffee machine (limited edition)

In order to keep its exclusivity, there are only 5,000 units in total manufactured by Nestle and I don’t think it’ll make it going overseas. Price currently is at 9800 yen which equals $120. Now this is rather weird and surprising because as you probably know, none of Star Wars characters ever is ever embedded on a food appliance like this one.

nestle star wars coffee machine

Commonly, stuff that is Star Wars themed usually takes form as much of a nerdy device. A while ago, Motorola made the R2-D2 version of its Motorola Droid 2. Moreover, if you walk into the computer market, you’ll definitely run into USB flash drive which resembles the same astromech. This only signifies how geeky the fans community is. But now, Darth Vader is on a barista machine? Seriously?!

Nestle might end up irritating the fans on Japanese and that won’t be good for business. Anyhow, many believe that the launching of such a product has something to do with the Disney’s acquisition over Lucasfilm. If you haven’t known it, Disney always tries to promote its cartoon characters by having them printed on a lame merchandize. But oh well, while I have a personal grudge on the coffee maker, I think the complementary mug looks very nice.

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